Thursday, 24 October 2013

TV Drama and Audience and Institution Exemplar with Examiner's comments

Notice that the candidate makes specific reference to what the question asks straight away. They discuss the answer to the question by using a range of specific examples from the case study material. 

Lines like: 

"For example in the 2010 film "Alice in Wonderland" the studio network Disney was certain that the success of the film was guaranteed and it can get a a wide release due to Disney's distribution network and cinema chains." 

Compared with:

"Secondly the recent film, "A King's Speech" was only guaranteed success when it became distributed due to the investment of the UK Film Council by momentum pictures" 

 ... are especially useful as they immediately contrast the major differences between case study films using specific examples. The lines are the bones on which the essay is written and help the candidate make a clear argument that answers the question. 

Read through the essay and draw out:

  • What you think are the top 3 most interesting bits of case study material the candidate uses. 
  • What you think are the top 3 relevant point the candidate makes (that directly answer the question)
  • What are the top 3 uses of terminology? (In context)

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