Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mise-en-scene analysis (Class + Gender)

Analyse the Mise-en-scene in...

12C -  Downton Abbey S1 Ep1 (If you haven't taken notes then you should have! find another episode some how online i suggest ITV Player!) 

12A - Cranford S1 Ep1 -

400 Words on Class Representation

400 Words on Gender Representation

Due Wed 19th September

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Welcome to AS Media at Ravens Wood!

This blog will be your central hub for information on the course. Use it to check deadlines and tasks for homework and coursework throughout the course of your studies.

Your homework task for this week: (Due Wednesday 11th September)

Write a summary of why you think British Cinema is important. (1000 words) Include research on the British Independent Film Company 'Warp Films' to use as evidence for your argument.

Think back on the debate we had during your lesson this week, and include how difficult it must be for independents to compete against some of Hollywood's major players. If you get stuck, come and find me by the end of the week so we can talk through some ideas.